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Need to Know

How much do you charge?

I choose to go with package rates and pay as you go rather than a monthly fee. There are times when a client is sick, on holiday or traveling for business. 


My rates are reasonable, they vary from as low as $20 a class to $70 for a private 60-minute session.

A perk is that both individual and classes include a free session/class.  Once you've attended a certain number of workouts or classes, the freebie is yours!

Individual Sessions

30 Minutes

Package is10 workouts

$400 ($40 per session)

45 Minutes

Package is 10 workouts

$550 ($55 per session)

60 Minutes

Package is 10 workouts

$700 ($70 per session)


The Fitness and Boxing classes are one-hour and cost $25.

The Movement Through Music classes are 45 minutes and cost $20.

Why are your classes so small in size?

I prefer working with small groups rather than larger groups, that way I'm able to make sure people are using proper form. I observed during some volunteer work at a Parkinson's exercise class that some were not using proper form due to having over 15 participants.  The lead instructor was good, but it was too difficult to watch every participant. Seeing that made me want to only work with small groups.

What are your hours?

Monday-Thursday from 7-7pm

Friday from 7-11:30am

Saturday 8-12pm

I am located in the north Willow Glen area.

When did you start Parkies Punch Back?

I became interested in working with people with Parkinson's in 2017. I was fortunate enough to observe a (PD) boxing class and decided that I wanted to pursue the training to become a trainer that could work with those with PD. I attended the Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) workshop in Indianapolis and based on what I saw, I decided to take a few months to develop my own program for those with Parkinson's. I felt it was important to include more balance work, cognitive activities and hand & eye and foot & eye exercises to my Parkinson's exercise program. I also read books, listened to lectures regarding PD, and watched YouTube videos (e.g. Dr. Laura Mischley) and from there I developed Parkies Punch Back.

Are you a certified personal trainer?

Yes, I am a certified personal trainer though the American Council of Exercise (ACE). I do further education, too. I have attended a Parkinson's conference in San Diego, attended two online Neuro Challenge Parkinson's Expos, and listened to a number of Parkinson's related podcasts over the past few years.

There are other Parkinson's exercise programs out there.  Why you?

My program is packed with diverse activities that include, but not limited to, balance work, brain games, partner work, hand & eye and foot & eye coordination, fine motor skill activities, strength training using resistance cords, TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells and more.  Of course there's the speed bag, focus mitts and hitting the heavy bags! 

I believe you should try other programs before making a decision to do one program over another. If you like large groups then right off the bat Parkies Punch Back probably is not for you as my classes only allow for four people.

I always tell prospective clients about other Parkinson's exercise programs in the Bay Area. Some people have been surprised that I would share this information. I want only the best for you and if PPB doesn't suit you, by all means go elsewhere. One unfortunate thing I've discovered over the years is that most trainers don't want to tell or share with prospective clients what else is out there. As personal trainers, we should aid people in finding the best program for their needs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept check, cash, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and credit card. If you use PayPal, Venmo or a credit card, a small transaction fee will be charged.

Do you offer private sessions?

Yes. If classes aren't for you or they don't fit into your schedule, I am also available for individual workouts and those are 45 or 60 minutes. If tight on time, we could think about 30-minute sessions where we'll only concentrate on a couple of things (e.g. balance and strength or cardio and boxing).

What if I don’t like boxing?

You have two other choices at PPB. You can join in on the Movement Through Music class or you can do private sessions. I presently have a client that doesn’t do any boxing when working with me privately and one that only likes doing the speed bag.  Private sessions can be geared towards your interests, you don't have to do boxing if that's not your thing.

Why do you work with the Parkinson's community?

I enjoy helping people and exercise can be such a life-changing experience. Studies have proven that you can keep your Parkinson's at bay, and, in some instances, you can reverse the disease through exercise!  Yes, you have to push yourself quite hard to get those benefits, but it is possible. I love introducing people to the wonderful world of exercise which can be seen as movement of the body with some form of resistance (e.g. dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, etc.). I also strongly encourage my clients to diversify, to do other exercise classes besides PPB. Go and attend a Pilates class, try tai-chi, or perhaps convince a friend to do a yoga class together.

What else should I know?

The Parkies Punch Back group meets about four times a year to share information, books and articles read, or to discuss concerns or any questions related to medications. We lend a hand or hug when needed and we always enjoy a laugh together.

Do you do personal training with the general population?

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