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What are your rates?


Monthly Options

Unlimited classes $220

Six classes  $175

Drop-in  $35

For hour-long Fitness & Boxing and 45-minute Movement Through Music classes

Drop-in  $25

For 30-minute class 

Why are your classes so small in size?

I prefer working with small rather than larger groups, that way I'm able to make sure people are using proper form. I observed during some volunteer work at a Parkinson's exercise class that some were not using proper form due to having over 15 participants.  That was enough to convince me to only offer small group classes.

How can you conduct non-contact boxing classes in a garage?!

Come and see!  I've got two heavy bags hanging from the wall and three free standing bags, one of which is inflatable.  The space allows me to watch everyone's form.  You're in a safe environment when in my micro-gym.

When did you start Parkies Punch Back?

I became interested in working with people with Parkinson's in 2017. I was fortunate enough to observe a (PD) boxing class and decided I wanted to attend the Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) workshop in Indianapolis. I decided to take a few months to develop my own program for those with Parkinson's. I felt it was important to include more balance work, cognitive activities and hand & eye and foot & eye exercises to my Parkinson's exercise program than what was in the RSB workshop.

Are you a certified personal trainer?

Yes, I am a certified personal trainer though the American Council of Exercise (ACE). I do further education, too. I have attended a Parkinson's conference in San Diego and attended two online Neuro Challenge Parkinson's Expos.

I also received a Level 1 Boxing Instructor certificate in 2018 from Box N' Burn Academy in Santa Monica.

There are other Parkinson's exercise programs out there.  Why you?

All I need to say is try a large sized class and then come to mine where only five people are allowed.  Many Parkinson's classes are 90 minutes.  See how much you can get done in my hour-long classes.  There's very little downtime, we keep moving!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Check, credit card, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and cash. 

Do you offer private sessions?

No, I have maxed out on private sessions.

What if I don’t like boxing?

First off, try it.  You don't have to hit a heavy punching bag.  I have an inflatable bag or you can shadow box.  Shadow boxing gets your arms and legs moving and increases your heart rate.  It's an underrated activity!

Why do you work with the Parkinson's community?

I enjoy helping people and exercise can be such a life-changing experience. Studies have proven that you can keep your Parkinson's at bay, and, in some instances, you can reverse the disease through exercise!  Yes, you have to push yourself quite hard to get those benefits, but it is possible. I love introducing people to the wonderful world of exercise which can be seen as movement of the body with some form of resistance (e.g. dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, etc.). I also strongly encourage my clients to diversify, to do other exercise classes besides PPB. Go and attend a Pilates class, try tai-chi, or perhaps convince a friend to do a yoga class together.

How do I sign up for classes?

If you want to observe a class, please contact me with the preferred day and time and come on over!  If you want to proceed and sign up for classes, you must have an assessment first.  The assessment will give me an idea of any balance issues you may be experiencing.  The assessment costs $75.

Are the classes appropriate for someone in the early stage of PD?

Please contact me.  You may be able to participate in my Functional Fitness and Boxing Classes.

My Virginia Trainer site is here.

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